Childproofing Your Water Garden and Child Safe Ponds

If you have a child, ensuring their safety is your number one priority – which is often easier said than done. Children are notorious for getting themselves in messes. While a little troubles is one thing, keeping them out of harms way is another. Installing childproof safety features in your water garden and child safe ponds will keep your little ones safe without having to sacrifice your water garden.

Child Proof Ponds

Whatever type of pond you have, there’s a childproof solution to keep babies, toddlers and even pets safe from harm.

Pondless Water Garden Styles

One of the easiest ways to childproof your water garden is to choose one of the Pondless Waterfall Styles. Pondless waterfalls are designed so that there’s no deep body of water at the end of the water feature. Rather, the water flows downstream and filters through rocks at the bottom of the stream. Additionally, pondless water garden styles require little to maintenance, easy to install and completely customizable.

Pond Gridding

Pond gridding systems place a strong grid system just below the surface of the water that can be customized to fit any pond shape or size. We recommend the SafaDeck Pond Safety System for its rating system and performance. The SafaDeck system works by clipping black plastic grid panels to black aluminum beams suspended along a discreet but strong support line. This sturdy gridding system lies just below the pond’s surface out of sight, thus rendering the pond no more dangerous than your average puddle. Fish and plant life are able to move throughout the gridding system, which in turn protects them from predators.

Drain It

If you still have concerns for your child’s safety, the best option may be to drain the pond for a while until the child is old enough to swim. No water pond is worth more than your child’s safety and your peace of mind. In the meantime, why not assemble a smaller, risk-free pond for your patio so you can still have a pond to admire over your morning cup of coffee.

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