Electrical Operating Costs

Electrical operating cost

Electrical Operating Cost of Pumps and Pond Equipment

Watts x 24 hours ÷ 1000 kilowatts x kilowatt rate x days in the month

(Amps x Volts = Watts)

Example: Pump A
400 watts
400 x 24 ÷ 1000 x $.08 x 30 = $23.04 Monthly Operating Cost x 12 months = $276.48 Annual Operating Cost

Example: Pump B
200 watts
300 x 24 ÷ 1000 x $.08 x 30 = $17.28 Monthly Operational Cost x 12 months = $207.36 Annual Operating Cost

Pump B will save you $69.12 every year of the life of the pump over Pump A.

Compare Electrical Operating Cost For the Best Value

When comparing pumps, it is important to not just compare price, but the electrical operating cost. One pump may have a lower price tag than another but have a much higher electrical operating cost. A higher electrical operating cost will cost your more money over the life of the pump.

If a pump is less expensive by $60.00 but costs $69.00 more per year to operate …. you’ll be spending more in electrical operating cost than the lower priced pump in the long run. If you save $60.00 up front and it costs on a pump that costs you $69.00 MORE PER YEAR in electrical operating cost, you will have paid more than double the cost of the more expensive pump over the life of the pump.

Lower Electrical Operating Cost is a Better Value

When comparing pumps, compare water flow, head height, price, wattage, and electrical operating cost. This will ensure the you purchase a pump with the best value.Value in the long run is always a lower cost in the long run. A less expensive pump to purchase isn’t always the least expensive to operate …. so do you homework …. compare not only the price, but the water flow and the power it takes to deliver that water.

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