Building a HydroRock Fountain

A fascinating fountain made from HydroRock is a beautiful addition to any watergarden. We offer kits such as the Sentinel, Birdbath, Duchess, Monarch, and Titan. Each rock column fountain is custom made, and the stream and waterfall options are virtually endless. Enhance your garden or pond with these elegant structures, and add LED Hydro Lights to illuminate your outdoor paradise at night! They can also be installed indoors as breathtaking water features that add humidity to the air. This is especially popular in dry climates. For convenient and affordable installation, HydroRock is lightweight and easily constructed. They are expertly designed with hollow bodies and flat bottoms for quick transportation on a simple hand truck. An outlet hole allows the flex pipe to exit the HydroRock without having to construct an elevated base. Overall, these beautiful structures are a revolutionary way to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in your watergarden, pond, or interior of your home. Check out how they are made at: Russell Watergardens

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