Bubble-less Koi Pond

Bubble-less Koi Pond

What is a “Bubble-Less”
Koi Pond?

The Bubble-Less Koi Pond is another unique and innovative design concept created by Russell Watergardens that features external aeration that eliminates aeration bubbles in the pond for unobstructed viewing of the Koi.

We’ve seen literally thousands of koi ponds over the years – and one thing that has always bothered us was not being able to clearly see the koi through the aeration bubbles and the agitated pond surface caused by the bubbles.

Because there are no air bubbles agitating the Bubble-Less Koi Pond’s surface – the pond is also a spectacular reflection pool too! Not only do you get clear and unobstructed viewing of the Koi – you also get amazing reflections in the glass-like surface of the water!

A beautiufl Bubble-less Koi Pond with unobstructed koi viewing everywhere in the pond

A Bubble-Less Koi Pond gives you complete and unobstructed viewing of the koi everywhere in the pond. No air bubbles in the pond means that there will be no surface agitation. No surface agitation lets you see your koi at all times … where ever they may be in the pond.

Reflections are constantly changing with the changing sky, light, and landscape. The Bubble-Less Koi Pond provides a pristine, calm, zen-like environment for koi, as well as creating breathtaking reflections that are constantly changing. The Bubble-Less Koi Pond also becomes an inspiration for photographers and artists for its majestic beauty.

Why are bubbles used in traditional Koi Pond designs?

  • To provide dissolved oxygen for the fish, the bacteria in the biological filter, and the entire ecosystem
  • To create submerged water currents to drive waste into the bottom drains.

How does the Bubble-Less Koi Pond address aeration?

Bubble-less Koi Pond Diagram

  • Oxygen is injected directly into the plumbing system prior to the biological filter.
  • Oxygen is injected directly into the plumbing system after the biological filter stage – prior to the pond returns.
  • Bubbles are de-gassed before the biological stage and the pond returns, resulting in high dissolved oxygen saturation without bubbles entering the bio filter or pond.
  • With no bubbles to assist the bottom drains as in traditional Koi Pond designs – the Bubble-Less Koi Pond’s design features four or more TPR’s (Tangential Pond Returns) that create submerged currents that turn the entire pond into one giant gentle swirling vortex. The gentle swirling vortex draws waste and debris directly to the bottom drain (or drains in larger ponds) located at the center of the bottom of the pond without the need for aeration bubbles.
Benefits of bubbles in the pond:
  • Oxygenates the water when no waterfalls or external aeration is in the pond design.
  • Increases efficiency of bottom drains when vortex water currents are not available in the pond design.

Drawbacks of bubbles in the pond:
  • Obstructs viewing of the Koi.
  • Obstructs reflections in the water’s surface.
  • Reduces the efficiency of the pond skimmer(s) by pushing debris away from the skimmer(s) – (when the bubbles are in the middle of the pond)

Koi Enthusiasts and Koi Club Members Bubble-Less Koi Pond Survey:

  • 9 out of 10 Koi enthusiasts and Koi Club members that have seen the Bubble-less Koi Pond prefer the Bubble-less Koi Pond approach to viewing and enjoying Koi over traditional bubble obstructed Koi pond designs.

All the mechanical equipment used on the Bubble-Less Koi Pond including: HydroSieve™ pond skimmers, HydroDrain™ bottom drains, HydroSieve™ bottom drain pre-filters, external pump, HydroBead Vortex™ filter, HydroUV™ UV system, and aeration system are all remotely installed for maximum enjoyment of the pond, the koi, and the ever changing reflections. It is truly a sight to behold.

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