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Waterfall Filter – Russel Watergardens

Best Waterfall FilterWe know that keeping your water garden clean is vital to its continuing beauty and health and that when adding a waterfall feature to your water garden, it’s important to include the best waterfall filter for your setup. Waterfall filters are not only essential in a functional capacity, but they are also helpful in the visual needs of your waterfall, by delivering an even path for the water to flow from, making it appear more natural. Having the best waterfall filter will also aid in establishing oxygen levels and maintain water transparency, which is crucial when combined with your water garden plants, and any fish you may have living there.

How do the Best Waterfall Filters Work?

Unlike inexpensive filters, the best waterfall filters are made to fill up from bottom to top, and spread across the spill way, which creates a more even path for the flowing water. The procedure begins at the bottom back of the filter that a pump runs water through. After that, water will start to build up until it hits the first filtration layer, which is essentially a thick filter pad or another cleansing media, that will capture the majority of any debris. Next, the water continues over a bio bag, which is mesh type of bag that, more often than not, contains lava rocks, or some other absorbent material. This part of the process allows beneficial bacteria to grow and help devour any algae present.

Why Do I Need The Best Waterfall Filter?

In addition to cosmetic needs, the best waterfall filters are imperative as they assist in removing incredible quantities of debris, which enables your garden to flourish healthily. Another reason to invest in a waterfall filter is their aid in aerating the water, which can help thwart algae growing in your pond. When you are looking for the best Waterfall Filter Here at Russell Water Gardens, we recommend the Dolphin Hydro Vortex™ Waterfall Filter, which is quick to install, and when cleaning time comes it does not require disassembly. The necessary drain kit and any bio media are all included, and it doesn’t require media replacement due to the unique Hydro FilterSilk™ media that cleans the water far better than other types of media and filter pads. Should you have further questions or require additional assistance, please contact Russell Water Gardens at 800-844-9314.