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Best Koi Food

Best Koi FoodAfter investing in a koi pond, you want to make sure your koi are healthy, attractive and content. A well-balanced nutritional diet is crucial for koi to thrive. That is why Russell Watergardens only sells the best koi food. It is paramount that you feed your fish the right diet. All of our food is enhanced with probiotics to improve the Koi immune system, use all natural ingredients and contain necessary vitamins and minerals. If you do not use the best koi food, your fish can get sick, have a shorter life, and not look as big and beautiful.

Wheat Germ Food

The best koi food contains a combination of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Russell Watergardens offers Aisuru Koi Wheat Germ Koi Food.   It contains the nutrients needed to keep your fish healthy. We only use natural ingredients such as wheat germ, fish oil, and squid liver powder.

Growth Koi Food

Russell’s Aisuru Koi Growth Koi Food contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for your Koi to grow large and vigorous. The pellets are delicious to the Koi and are designed to accelerate Koi growth. Not only will they grow bigger, but they will also become more active. It is the best Koi food to accomplish healthy fast-paced growth.

Color Enhancing Food

If you want your Koi to be bright and colorful, Aisuru Koi Color Enhancer Koi Food is the best koi food to bring out your koi fish’s colors. It will improve the fish’s immune system, provide them with necessary vitamins and minerals, and make their colors more vibrant than you have ever seen.

Staple Koi Food

Aisuru Koi Staple Koi Food provides your fish with a balanced diet so they can thrive in your pond. It has all natural ingredients which are easy for your koi to digest. It is the best koi food to meet all of your Koi’s nutritional needs.

Russell Watergardens & Koi

We manufacture pond, water feature and koi fish supplies and equipment. All of our merchandise is high quality, user-friendly and comes with free professional customer support. We are an innovator in the industry who holds many exclusive patents. If you have or are building a Koi fish pond, it is important to purchase the best Koi food. Without proper nutrition, Koi fish cannot thrive. For more information on our Koi food, give us a call at 800-844-9314.