Best Breeds For Koi Ponds

As you may know, Koi fish are a special variety of the common carp. For centuries, Koi have been greatly admired for their stunning colorations and used for decorative purposes in private ponds and royal water features. Koi are available in dozens of types, ranging in color, fin length, personality, head and body shape.

So, what types of Koi are the best fit for your Koi pond? It depends on your taste in color scheme and behavior. 

Certain varieties are more susceptible to being tamed than others. Patience is key when training your animals to become comfortable with hand feeding. If your koi fish are skittish or flighty at feeding time, try making your presence poolside as still and calm as possible. From there, you can gradually progress to dipping a hand in the pond to feed the koi. 

Chagoi (or Chag Koi) are one of the brightest characters at heart. Chagoi is the closest genetic match to the original wild carp, adopting rich brown scales varying in tone from fish to fish. Chagoi tends to be the largest Koi varieties, making up in sheer size for what they lack in a multicolored exterior. A big fish means a big appetite, making Chagoi eager to hand feed as one of the tamest of all Koi fish. They often become an unofficial leader of the Koi school due in part to their size and peaceful demeanor. The addition of this particular variety of Koi fish can do wonders for the overall happiness of your entire pond.

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