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You’re a specialized pond contractor or a landscaper that builds water features. If you’re like many in the industry, you’re struggling to be profitable, and have few options to set yourself apart from your competition.

Why Russell?

“Helping you make money … is how we make money.” Here at Russell Watergardens & Koi, that statement is in our blood and is clearly evident in everything we do for you. We are here for you. Building a relationship with Russell, you’ll get the benefit of our user-friendly equipment that gives you more design freedom, our experience, our core values, our brand, our outstanding reputation, and our unparalleled customer service.

Russell Benefits:

  • The most respected name in water features.
  • Technologies that have changed the water feature industry.
  • Innovative products with benefits the people truly appreciate.
  • User-friendly equipment that sells itself – that your competition doesn’t offer.
  • Make more profits – see our Profit Calculator
  • Advanced technology that allows you to upgrade existing ponds and water features through “Ectomies” – converting all your past customers and your competitors’ customers into your new customers, with untapped profit opportunities that your competition does not have.
  • Unique equipment that gives you unlimited creative freedom in your designs that your competition can’t provide.
  • The most extensive product line that allows you to offer more types, styles, and designs than your competition can offer. Get the jobs your competition can’t. With Russell’s extensive product line, you have the resources and equipment to build whatever your customer can imagine.
  • Customer service 7-days a week from a manufacturer that sells, services, and installs what it produces. You deal directly with the experts that are in the selling trenches along with you. We are known throughout the retail community for our outstanding customer service and support – and we extend our expertise directly to you. Let your competition deal with irrigation suppliers, distributors, or call centers that know very little about all types of ponds and water features.
  • Protection from on-line discounters that rob you of the profits you deserve. Let your competition compete with the on-line discounters and not make any money. Russell products are not available through any on-line discounters. This ensures that you receive the absolute highest margins available in the industry.
  • Referrals from the Russell Watergardens & Koi web site and our professional sales staff.

Time To Get REAL.

The Profit-Robbing Problems Contractors Face:

  • “I can find it on-line for half of what you’re charging me!”
  • “I’ve got 5 other bids for installing the same equipment I found on-line … can you do it for less money?”
  • “The on-line equipment you’re quoting to install for me is exactly the same as all the other contractors. How are you any different?”

The Effect:

  • Little or no profit for you.
  • Quite often losing money on jobs.
  • Less jobs for you.
  • No difference or separation from your competition.

The Solution:

  • Russell equipment is not discounted on-line!
  • Russell equipment is not mass-marketed.
  • Russell equipment is designed for the consumer – easier to clean, and with more design options – making it much easier for you to sell.

The Result:

  • More profit for you.
  • More jobs for you.
  • Easily beat your competition.
“We have been installing Russell equipment exclusively in all of our water features for a couple of years now. Your products are by far the best choice, and your customer service is superior in every way. Our clients are very pleased with the Russell systems we install.” Carolyn Gutierrez Oasis Outdoor Environments LLC
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