Bead Pond Filters

Bead Pond Filters Explained

Bead Pond FiltersIf you have a koi pond, it’s essential to install a filter to keep the water clean and clear. Your filter not only improves your ponds look, but it also creates an environment better suited to the fish. There are a number of filtration options on the market, but bead pond filters have proved to be one of the most popular with both koi owners and koi experts.

How do Bead Ponds Filters Work?

The goal of a koi pond filter is to remove particulates from the water and eliminate harmful bacteria. Bead pond filters remove particulates by straining the water. The specially formulated beads themselves also capture smaller particles through a process called bioabsorption. Once the particles are on the beads, they are chemically converted into harmless compounds. The water that exits the filter is clean, clear, and safe for fish and plants.

What are the Advantages of Bead Pond Filters?

There are several. First are foremost, bead pond filters are smaller than other options. That makes them easier to install near any pond. They are also easier to clean which is a big priority for pond owners. Regular cleaning is essential, but the process itself can be a headache. With bead pond filters it’s fast and easy. Finally, the beads themselves have a large surface area covered in antibacterial compounds. As a result, they are able to provide superior bio-filtration.

How do I Size Bead Pond Filters?

That will depend on the size of your bond and the number of koi fish you plan to keep. The primary purpose of bead filters is to filter out particles from fish food. So the more food you are using, the larger your filter will need to be. In general, one cu-ft of beads will effectively filter out the remnants of 1 lb of food used per day. It turns out that bead pond filters are good for you and good for your fish too. That’s probably why they are so common in backyard ponds across the country. Get information about a wide selection of bead pond filters by contacting Russell Water Gardens at 800-844-9314.