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Multiple Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Styles


Pondless Waterfalls
Pondless Falls & Streams
Pondless Pools
Pondless Rock Columns

Featuring complete Pre, and Post filtration for the absolute cleanest, most enjoyable, easy to clean pondless waterfall feature possible.

The Ultimate Pondless system's unique HydroChamber™ combination water storage tank and pump vault eliminates the impossible to clean gravel basins associated with "outdated" pondless systems. And, unlike other tank-based pondless systems that leave out the crucial water polishing and clarification unit - a biological filter; the Ultimate Pondless system features a completely backwashable vortex biological waterfall filter for the absolute cleanest, most polished water available for pondless water features.

Why is easy to clean so important with pondless waterfalls?

The Original pondless waterfallThe Ultimate Pondless system gives designers, contractors, and end-users more pondless options. Ultimate Pondless systems provide unlimited design and installation options.

Russell Technologies™ Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Systems are the most advanced systems available. What makes the Ultimate Pondless Waterfall System the most advanced pondless system in the world?


This photo of the Original pondless waterfall, created by Russell Watergardens & Koi in 2001, has been seen around the world, and is credited in the launching of the earliest pondless waterfall kits. This was the 1st generation pondless waterfall system that started it all, and now the Ultimate Pondless system has revolutionized the industry again!

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