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HydroSieve™-PF Compact Pond Sieve

Compact, affordable pond sieve filter

For Flow Rates up to 4,700 GPH
(4" PVC pipe shown not included)  

Pond Sieve Filter for Pre-Filtering Bottom Drains and
Pondless Water Features
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Gravity fed pond sieve filter that pre-filters bottom drains prior to the pump and bio filter stage. It is also the pre-filter for the Ultimate pondless waterfall system. This revolutionary and affordable compact pond sieve has the smallest footprint of any pond sieve on the market at just 16½" and micro filter's down to 300 microns! The HydroSieve™ captures fish waste, algae, tree needles, fish eggs, and other debris for easy removal. Removing debris prior to the pump and bio filter stage allows the bio filter to perform at it's peak of efficiency resulting in a much more clean, healthier environment. Water enters the upper inlet, swirls in a vortex, passes through the Stainless Steel sieve basket, then exits the lower outlet port.








The Most Innovative, Compact, Affordable
Pond Sieve Filter.







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