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Professional Pond Air Pumps

HydroAir bubbles


Our professional air pumps are essential components in Hybrid Ponds™, CrossOver™ Ponds, and Koi ponds. Our air pumps produce millions of tiny air bubbles through air stones, or air diffusers that maintain consistent and healthy levels of dissolved oxygen throughout the pond. In addition to providing high levels of dissolved oxygen, our super effecient air pumps increase water circulation for increased filtration efficiency.


These professional air pumps provide powerful aeration to even the largest water gardens and features. Designed as a complete aeration solution, our professional air pumps contain everything you need to introduce aeration to large water gardens and features with a quick and simple installation.


HydroAir bubbles keep a hole open in the ice during freezing winter conditions.

Costing just pennies per day to operate, our professional air pumps provide essential oxygen to Koi and other pond fish, increased water circulation for enhanced filtration efficiency, and keep the nitrifying bacteria aerobic, vibrant, and healthy.

In winter,our professional air pumps keep a hole open in the ice for proper gas exchange.

Aerating your pond with our professional air pumps during the winter months also keeps your bio film aerobic and healthy for faster recovery each spring.


Professional Air Pumps for ponds and koi ponds


Pond Air Kits

Air Stone Diffusers








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