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Russell Watergardens & Koi® &
Russell Technologies

Russell Watergardens & Koi, and its exclusive product brand Russell Technologies - is unique in an industry that is filled with "sameness". The company is the only pond and water feature filtration manufacturer that started out as a specialty pond and water feature installation business that grew into retail, then wholesale, then manufacturing, and then expanded nationally with an exclusive Authorized Dealer program.

The company is unique in that it has extensive experience in all aspects of water feature design, build, maintenance, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and distribution. Keeping a focus on educating customers as to the benefits, and overall cost savings, of high quality products.

The company's philosophy: Building a water feature with high quality products the first time is much less expensive than building a water feature with poor quality products that fail - then have to be demolished and rebuilt with high quality products the second time around.

Starting out installing virtually every brand of filtration system on the market, the company gained in depth knowledge of how various products are installed, serviced, and how they perform. This provided a unique perspective prior to creating its own innovative components and systems that are a drastic improvement over every brand on the market. Russell Technologies™ was born.

Russell Watergardens & Koi has its own retail store environment in which there is direct person-to-person interaction between the manufacturer and the end user. Again, this gives Russell Watergardens & Koi the advantage of applying customer suggestions in the manufacture and/or upgrading of its products. Consumers have the power to effect improvements and future products.

Russell Technologies™ products are not sold through faceless distributors, or on-line discount sites. RT products are available exclusive through our Authorized Dealers. Russell Technologies™ is the brand that exemplifies the highest quality, easiest to clean and service products on the market couple with unparalleled Customer Service and Support. This can only be achieved by having a system in place to ensure the high level of Customer Service and Support the public relies upon - the Russell Watergardens & Koi Authorized Dealer.

Russell Watergardens & Koi Store Located at 7102 180th Ave NE # A-102 Redmond, WA 98052


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