3 Reasons Why Your Pond Needs a Pond Skimmer

Your pond needs a pond skimmer. There are a million reasons why but let’s dive into the top three benefits of pond skimmers. Putting these points into action will place you one step closer to a cleaner pond and better water quality.

1- A Pond Skimmer Creates Circulation for Filtration.

Pond skimmers are commonly known for their ability to create consistent circulation for filtration. Regardless of the type of pond, you may have an efficient water distribution system will help reduce the amount of maintenance the pond requires. High-quality filtration performance will also contribute to keeping the fish in your pond healthier. Pond skimmers purposefully create variable levels of tension across the surface of the pond. This pressure uses water drawn across the top of the pond to collect floating debris from the surface. The debris is collected into various types of traps, based on the skimmer model. All of these moving parts work together to create a winning circulation system to filtrate your pond.

2- A Pond Skimmer Prevents Debris From Sinking.

We love ponds but hate the dirt and debris that always seems to sink to the bottom. Ponds are natural traps for dirt and debris. Over time, all of the unwanted particles lurking at the top of our ponds gradually gathers at the bottom of the pond. Ponds can accumulate more than 2 inches of debris. The buildup of this debris often requires extensive maintenance costing you lots of time and money. Pond skimmers are built to do the heavy lifting and catch the debris before it ever reaches the bottom of the pond. Utilizing advanced trapping methods aids in reducing the time and effort required by owners to keep their ponds clean and enjoyable.

3- A Pond Skimmer Helps Reduce Fish Waste.

Not only do pond skimmers reduce the natural debris of dirt, dust, and foliage, they also help to break down fish waste. The skimmers use of surface water delivers the highest level of dissolved oxygen content. This use of oxygen is critical in breaking down the amount of nitrogen compound or fish waste, commonly found in most ponds. If you’re in need of a system to make your pond maintenance easy and convenient check out our top of the line pond skimmers. Our skimmers range in size and features.  
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