10 Pondless Waterfall Ideas To Spark Your Imagination

Pondless Waterfall Ideas To Spark Your Imagination

Pondless waterfalls are a popular backyard addition combining the beauty of a water feature without the maintenance of a pond. Not only are these water features less maintenance, but safer for children as well. Plus, designing out these ponds is fun with the only limitation being your own imagination. For a little inspiration, we’ve put together a collection some of our favorite waterfalls.

pondless waterfall 01

We’re really digging the garden theme of this pondless waterfall from Houzz.com. The clever upcycle of gardening materials combined with a waterscape system will have this old watering pail keeping flowers fresh for years to come.

pondless waterfall 10

There’s nothing quite like eating dinner after a long summer’s day while listening to the relaxing sounds of flowing water. We say bon appetit to this pondless waterfall from Houzz set to serenade those dining pond side.

pondless waterfall 08

Ommmm. Breathe in the beauty of this Eastern-inspired waterfall from Artscapes. Complete with dark stones and Buddha head to promote tranquility, you’ll be rid of all stresses and anxieties in no time.

pondless waterfall 07

One of our favorite pondless touches is when people use a fun or unique object as the focal point of their waterfall. This overflowing pot from Pond Place is both unique and beautiful.

pondless waterfall 06 http://www.aquascapeinc.com/>Aquascape Inc used not one, not two, but three levels of waterfalls to create this water feature, proving that no pondless waterfall idea is too big.

pondless waterfall 09

This is a unique idea from if there ever was one! Pond Stars used old fire hydrate to act as a freeflowing spillway for this water feature.

pondless waterfall 05

Personal Tough Landscaping in Colorado did an amazing job on this water feature. Set amongst wooded trees, it’s as if the waterfall is spilling out of nature and directly onto their back patio!

pondless waterfall 04

This pondless waterfall from Home Talk reminds us of the wild and wonderful great outdoors. It’s as if we hiked all the way to Yosemite Falls without leaving the comfort of our own backyard.

pondless waterfall 03

We enjoyed this water feature from Homes Alive for it’s more sophisticated styling. Set in roughened brick, we’re reminded of long walks through a Spanish courtyard in Barcelona. A little bit of impromptu romance and the peace of running water makes this feature a winner in our book.

pondless waterfall 02

An urn makes for a perfect basin in this pondless waterfall from The Landscpaing Network. We especially like the rustic theme created by the stones and rock wall.

All these ideas are unique and beautiful in their creativity. What are some ways you’ll create your dream water feature?

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